Hiring – key to start up growth

 In a hectic and a joyful life of running a company, being full time on a project and then being a father is just a little too much.  Writing took a back seat because of all this. 

So I thought to cut down my sleeping time to get back to writing blogs, it’s liberating I feel. Here I have basically tried to discuss what we generally look in for when we are hiring especially for a position in start-up point.
Excerpt here: 
We are 14 right now and we are still looking for more. We have filtered through more than 400 resumes, close to 150 face to face interviews and then we selected a bunch of folks who are working with us. I have been doing interviews since 2007, so when I reflect on the hiring process, I feel there is not much change with respect to how you give an interview. Largely the process of giving interview remained the same. To a certain extent, the reason could be that what we ask in an interview hasn’t changed.
Full blog here:  lnkd.in/fnTi6GJ
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